The Ultimate Checklist To Creating An Online Store And Start Selling Products!

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If you have a business or want to start one, learn how to sell products online.

Today, selling over the Internet is more than just a matter of time. A brick-and-mortar store no longer has the advantage of perennial footfall and extraordinary profits. It is the smartest way to run a business.

Starting an online store is much easier than starting a physical store. The best part is you will spend only a fraction of what you would pay to rent store space, obtain licenses and permits, pay commercial electricity bills, etc.

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We will explain why opening an online business is more appealing than opening a physical store, but more importantly, how to start one.

Consider this a complete guide to help you start quickly and efficiently.

What are the benefits of selling online?

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Can you recall the days when selling products without owning a store was virtually impossible?

You can either advertise in the local newspaper or organize a yard sale.

The Internet revolution has made it possible to sell anything anywhere, even without a store.

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If you are still curious about the advantages of selling products online instead of opening a physical store, then continue reading.

  • Flexibility is one of the most important aspects. With an online store, your business is always with you. Physical stores can’t offer such flexibility.
  • There is a continuous income stream. Your online store does not need to be open or closed. Profits can be made 24/7!
  • Comparatively to a physical store, the initial investment is very low.
  • In just a few minutes, you can create an online store. The design of your online store, adding products, and starting to sell quickly is very simple once you choose the right eCommerce platform.
  • There is plenty of room for growth and expansion with an online store. Your catalog can contain a wide variety of products without worrying about space. Online stores are scalable and expandable.
  • These are just some of the many advantages of starting an online business.

I hope you are now convinced enough to actually begin your online business. If you are, then please continue reading the following article.

Here’s the online selling checklist:

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  • Obtain all the licenses you need to run a business in your field?
  • Ensure your online store has all the necessary security?
  • Design templates that work for your brand?
  • Organize your products into categories?
  • Add all the products you want to be available at launch?
  • Shipping, returns, and privacy policies posted?
  • Set up a payment option?
  • Set up the correct tax rate?
  • Are you ready to set up your shipping methods?
  • Provide your business’s contact information on your site?

FAQs (Frequently Asked) about selling your products online

1. What is the best way to start selling online?

If you have already decided what niche and product to sell, you have to choose the right eCommerce platform to build your online store.
Several eCommerce platforms come with plenty of features and free tools to assist entrepreneurs. Phygital24 offers an easy and fast way to get started in eCommerce.

2. What is the process for getting permission to sell products online?

There are some legal permits required, such as a seller’s license, a GST registration, etc. The cost and process of registering for your license may vary depending on your location. To obtain the required information, you should consult your local government portal.

3. What marketing methods can I use for my product?

It is very easy to start an online store, but if you want your products to sell, you must develop a strong marketing plan.
The basic onsite SEO for your store can be automated depending on which eCommerce platform you have selected.
Apart from that, you’ll need to be active on social media and run a few paid ads through Google and Facebook to attract customers.

4. I want to sell my product online, but how do I choose the right website?

Many websites support online business, and each one has its own features, plugins, advantages, and disadvantages.
Your business must research and find the right eCommerce website. Popular websites include BigCommerce, Shopify, Amazon, Etsy, etc.
Phygital24 is a cloud-based eCommerce solution that makes it easy for business owners to create an online store and start selling right away!

5. What can I do to sell my product?

Check out products that are popular right now in and around the world. Fashion, pet food, groceries, meat, etc., are popular categories.

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In conclusion

The process of building up a business is challenging but rewarding at the same time.

We have tried to guide you through the process of starting your own online business and selling products online as quickly as possible in this article. As a bonus, we have also included a checklist of what you should do when setting up an online business.

Phygital24 helps business owners and entrepreneurs run a successful online store.

With our easy-to-use platform and numerous benefits, you can easily sell your products online.

Could there have been a better solution? Phygital24 Online’s selling platform is as simple as 1, 2, 3…

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