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Your Own App

Get more loyal customers by getting your own mobile app and letting them buy directly from it.

Online Payments

Provide the flexibility to choose from multiple payment gateways & process online transactions with ease.

Instant reports

Know what works the best for you with the data in hand. Your day, month, all-time instant order summary helps you to gauge what is getting you maximum business.

Customizable Landing Pages

You can personalize the landing page that will attract more online customers. Add Banners, change theme or modify the layout to suit your needs.

Marketing Tools

Attempt to attract maximum attention to your business by offering deals, promotions, happy hours etc.

Manage Promotions

Get more loyal customers by getting your own mobile app and letting them buy directly from it.

WhatsApp Chat Support

Resolve Customer Queries faster through chat support integrations

POS Integration

Integrate and track sales, cash flow, and food inventory automatically through POS integration

Delivery Integration

Business Manager App is the central hub for any delivery settings whether it's configuring delivery range, days, slots, or charges.

Multi - Vendor Support

Whether you are a single vendor or a multi-vendor that works through a network of sellers and buyers.

Order Scheduling

Customers can order now and schedule their pick-up or delivery for a later date.

Pre-Loaded Catalog

This feature saves you time by eliminating the need to manually enter data.

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