Key Points to Consider While Choosing Online Ordering Solution

Online purchases have been continuously growing but the COVID-19 pandemic has made it an immediate necessity for businesses to set up online channels for safe and sustainable business. The pandemic has thrown up challenges and opportunities, for instance, the restaurants have been severely affected while it has created a significant jump in online grocery purchases, which was previously a very small part.

In fact, every single research firm has predicted a huge increase in online grocery purchases and is forecasted to see the biggest growth of almost 20 times in the next five years.

For businesses looking at setting up an online ordering system, they need to consider the below factors while choosing from the various solutions available in the market

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1. Scalability:

Choose a solution that can support your growth and not just handle the day to day scenario. Given that online purchases are only going to increase; the solution you choose should be capable of supporting your future growth. It is like laying pillars for a house capable of sustaining 2-3 floors or 50-100 floors.

Key Points to Consider While Choosing Image 1 Online Ordering Solution

2. Centralized monitoring:

As you grow, monitoring and controlling all your outlets/stock locations will be very crucial for efficient operations. So a solution that enables you to monitor your outlets/locations centrally through one application will be very important. Further, in an online world, any location can become a delivery center, which can receive and deliver orders and can help you grow much faster.

Image 4 Key Points to Consider While Choosing Online Ordering Solution

3. Easy to use:

The online ordering system should be easy to use for both, your customers and staff. Ease of use significantly impacts user acceptance. For instance, WhatsApp, though there are many social media and messaging platforms the ease of use has got it a huge acceptance.

Image 2 Key Points to Consider While Choosing Image 1 Online Ordering Solution
Image 3 Key Points to Consider While Choosing Online Ordering Solution

4. Customer Data:

Data is said to be the new gold and is equally or more important than all other benefits of an online ordering system. Understanding the customer purchase data gives a lot of insights on catalog management and user preferences/patterns, which can keep you ahead of the market and helps you better serve your customers. If the solution is not giving you the data, it is as good as having a vehicle without fuel and if you have the fuel/data you can use it in any vehicle/system and for multiple purposes.


You’ll be able to find the perfect online ordering system for your establishment if you start assessing the above factors now.

The good news is that you don’t have to look far. Phygital24 provides online ordering solutions and integrated marketing services with an emphasis on delivering results. Check us out and see how we can help you accomplish your business goals.

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