Restaurant Marketing Services

Get Ready To Level Up Your Store’s Growth With Phygital24’s 360 Degree Marketing Service

Outshine your competitors with a smart strategy, sensational branding, and business-driven advertising and marketing that will sway diners as well as keep them returning for even more

Ways With Which We Can Help Your Store Grow


Formulate solutions to attract new customers


Establish a community of faithful customers


Boost brand awareness throughout your local area

Creative Solutions

Our clients like us for the plans we have and the partnerships we form with their teams.


Restaurant SEO Services

SEO - The Ideal Recipe To Become More Prominent

Your prospective customers rely on search engines and online review sites such as Yelp and Google My Business whenever they are trying to find a place to eat near them. Be the store that turns up first.

With a perfect SEO strategy in effect, you can be sure that your store will be among the first listings your customers discover

Result Centric Social Media Marketing

We utilize visually stimulating, high-quality content to enhance your brand recognition and boost follower growth. We promote new menu items, giveaways, and other distinct store highlights incorporated with your own branded

social media marketing service
SEM & Google AdWords Advertising​

SEM & Google AdWords Advertising

We intend to expand your reach without burning up your dollars! Our paid media campaigns deliver the results you desire. When it concerns your marketing strategy, we understand it’s all about the ROI. The Phygital24 team will continuously keep track of your results and make changes on the fly as needed.

High Conversion Online Ordering System

Phygital24’s mobile ordering system is user-friendly and clear-cut and will make it easier for your customers to place their orders. This system will urge them to order more. Our cloud technology platform creates a Website and an Ordering app that supports multiple integrations with Marketing solutions that increase your Brand Visibility.

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Need An Online Ordering System ?

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Plans That Deliver Results

*Please note these plans are a generalized array of marketing activations for Stores, Plans are personalized upon subscription and are drafted to fit the client budget & interest.

Standard Plan

(6 Months for Best Results)

Blogs, social media posts, mailers, comms, Infographics,)
2 social media posts/day

Boost your online visibility locally

Facebook, Instagram, Messenger

Keep your customers in loop by sending food related content and restaurant deals

  • Loyalty Rewards Program
  • Exclusive offers/Specials

Includes Standard plan services

Running ads on Yelp platform

Facebook, Instagram, Messenger

Send messages to your customers directly to the Inbox

Keep your customers in loop by sending food related content and restaurant deals

  • Loyalty Rewards Program
  • Branding Partnerships
  • BTL Advertising
  • Exclusive offers/Specials

Collaborate with relevant influencers to increase brand presence

Targeting group specific ads

Premium Plan

Min. 3 Months for Best Results

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