Is Your Existing Online Ordering System The Right Fit For Your Restaurant?

The need for Online Ordering System has boosted more than ever. The restaurant landscape has actually been totally transformed by COVID-19. As restaurants start to reopen, they will undoubtedly have to adjust to a new economic climate and a new operating method. 82% of restaurants will remain to order online for pickup and delivery in the months in advance. 

What’s certain is that to-go procedures, whether for pickup or delivery, are essential to keeping a healthy profits stream. At that, restaurants will require to pick which online ordering system functions best for their business that is created to provide more significant earnings margins while creating an enjoyable experience for consumers.

Customers value convenience. Today, a tremendous 79% of Millennials order food online through different restaurant online ordering systems. In our interconnected world, dining establishments have to take advantage of the online ordering system to remain competitive.

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There are hundreds of online ordering systems on the market; however, many are not the ideal fit for your restaurant. To choose the best online ordering system, you must consider the following factors:

High Price & Hidden Costs:

Some online ordering systems are totally free to begin, charging a percent in addition to each order. Others include a hefty month-to-month fee. Likewise, numerous online ordering systems may not have an upkeep expense, as long as you will not introduce brand-new features or functionalities.
There is always a catch!

Ease Of Use Your Current Online Ordering System

Some are customer-friendly, while various other is owner-friendly. Your online ordering system should likewise be able to provide your consumers with an instinctive interface so they can place fast, effortless, as well as error-free orders. The user interface needs to let them see their charges, invoices/payment background, and ease deliveries. With this, they no more need to call you to request updates or to resend that invoice.
Likewise, try discovering one that restaurant owners, employees, and consumers can easily make use of!

Customer Database:

When picking an online ordering system, choose a platform that helps you create a customer database of actual decision-makers. This is a beautiful reward feature as it means in the future, you will have the ability to instantly access the contact information of individuals in an organization that is putting orders and targets them with promotional messages. Having the ability to export a list of decision-makers and email them your new product is a pretty powerful feature!

Inferior Support or help:

Handling setup and maintenance for an online ordering system could be complex.
Utilizing the so-called free online ordering system implies that you can not depend on technical support and solution updates. If such adjustments are feasible, they will be billed extra. Suddenly, the free solution turns out to be very pricey.
An online ordering system is ineffective if you can not trust technological assistance and also platform updates.

Support on both website and a stand-alone mobile application: 

Constantly bear in mind that an online ordering system needs to both have a website and a mobile application. Consumers who order on the internet tend to visit the restaurant website 67% regularly than those who don’t. 26% of consumers state they make use of a restaurant’s application for the simplicity of making the repayment for their orders beforehand.
Having both a website and a stand-alone mobile app not just makes your consumers’ lives less complicated yet likewise improves your efficiency and accuracy for managing orders.

Both of these advantages provide you with a clear edge over your rival.

Instant Mobile Payments:

Be sure to seek an online ordering system that allows you to accept payments. Past that, make sure that it likewise lets you provide adaptable payment methods to your customers, as each customer will likely have different approaches they choose. A terrific benefit is a system that offers you the option to charge your customers promptly by credit card or according to the terms you have agreed, so you no more have to track down late payments or by hand send out invoices.

Low Conversion Rate:

According to Statista’s study, 37% of customers utilize the mobile application to search for discount rates. While 26% of consumers use the application for Redeeming/earning loyalty factors. Your existing online ordering system must have the ability to prompt customers to order, even more, making use of notifications and also discount offers! If the conversion rate is reduced, then your current online ordering solution is a poor financial investment.

No Concentrate on Advertising and Marketing:

The initial step that will undoubtedly be decisive when it occurs to enhance your restaurant’s sales and earnings is introducing an online ordering system. This is a good beginning! However, to totally profit from an online food ordering system’s opportunities, you will require to undertake numerous other advertising activities. Does your existing system aid you in  that?

The most effective online ordering systems for restaurants should have these primary features; however, they need to have the ideal mix of technical assistance, marketing guidance, and high conversion ROI.

Make the most of all the possibilities used by Phygital24. These include not only sales support features; but also 360 degree advertising and marketing support.

Phygital24’s online ordering system is made to assist you to earn extra. Our clients have up to 45% online order conversion! This implies that almost every second person who goes into the restaurant ordering system positions an order.

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