The Control Center For Your Restaurant Business

An all-in-one Management System for Restaurants. From tracking orders to customizing the ordering app, the business manager is your one-stop destination

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Single Dashboard for all your Restaurant Chains

To make your work easy, our restaurant ordering system lets you manage all the activities from one place. No more zig and zag between multiple store apps to manage all your orders. Even though you have got a chain of outlets; shift to a single business manager app and get all the online orders sorted.

Create and Customize your Restaurant Menu

You can have complete control over your menu across every outlet with our Restaurant Business Manager App. The products section in the business manager app is a fast and easy way to create and manage your menu offering. Choose the structure that best fits your restaurant and configure modifiers, add-ons, and combos

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Manage all your orders in one place!

You can accept or reject the orders for multiple outlets through this single business manager app. Every single order from all the channels is conveyed directly to your business manager app.

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Give Personalized touch to your Ordering app

The best restaurant apps are adjusted to the brand. With the Phygital24 ordering system, you can personalize the order application that will attract more online customers. Add Banners, change theme or modify the layout to suit your needs.

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Gain Insights on Instant reports!

Know what works the best for you with the data in hand. Your day, month, all-time instant order summary helps you to gauge, which restaurant is getting you maximum business and which is not.

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Create offers, deals, and Referrals with a single tap!

Create hot deals, offers, happy hours and so on to reach the maximum audience . Create them for a single outlet or sync them to all your outlets with a single click.

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Get More orders with push notifications

Push notifications have over 90% open rate. The business manager app allows you to send push notifications to your customers!

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Online payments Integrations

Over 50% of online orders are paid cashless because it is such a convenient and quick option. Provide the flexibility to choose from multiple payment gateways & process online transactions with ease.

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Control your Entire Delivery Setup!

No matter whether you offer home delivery or whether you rely on pickup, Phygital24 has you covered. Business Manager App is the central hub for any delivery settings whether it's configuring delivery range, days, slots, or charges. With Phygital24's Business Manager App, you can do all this from a single place and adjust on the go.

Get Ahead of Your Competitors

Phygital24's mobile ordering system is user-friendly and clear-cut and will make it easier for your customers to place their orders. This system will urge them to order more. Our cloud technology platform creates a Website and an Ordering app that supports multiple integrations with Marketing solutions that increase your Brand Visibility.

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