Food Ordering Made Simple With Our All in One Restaurant Ordering Software

It’s time to own your Restaurant Ordering App as third party apps —many of which withhold data—interfere with the direct relationship between a restaurant and its customers, thereby charging high commission

Built For All Restaurant Types

Pizza| Fast Food| Fine Dining | Fast Casual | Cafe | Bistro | Pub | Steakhouse | Multi-Cuisine | & Many More


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Commisson Free Ordering With Our Software

Online Food Aggregators are eating up your profits

Avoid paying 20% to 30% Commission to external ordering provider. Manage your own dedicated App and own the Market

Restaurants are trying options to take orders through their own websites, and use their own delivery couriers or contractors from companies that don’t take a percentage of each order.
-newyork times
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Business Manager

Avoid food order delay by tracking orders from the preparation stage to the completion stage. Track your multi-chain stores at one place. Configure your store payments and shipments with ease. Import bulk products

POS Integration

POS Integration

Integrate and track sales, cashflow, and food inventory. Our POS partners are Otter and E-retail

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Menu Optimzation

Customize & categorize your menu according to your Restaurant food type on your Mobile Ordering app

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360 degree Marketing

Having built your application on our platform, we understand your Restaurant business better than external agencies and can design marketing strategies that influence growth and sales

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Delivery Integration

Own your delivery fleet and partner with Delivery services like Doordash , Postmates to increase your customer reach. Having your own delivery fleet can avoid the outsourced delivery cost spend by 10%-30%

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WhatsApp/SMS chat support

Resolve Customer Queries faster through chat support integrations

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Give Discounts to your beloved customers

Customize discounts and offers right from the Business Manager application

Discounts & offers encourage 45% of customers to order food again. Share discount coupons & offers with your loyal customer base​.Remember recurring customers bring you business.

Creating discounts and offers from the business manager is easy and quick
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Own Your Branded Restaurant App On

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Why Should I Invest In A Food Ordering Software?

Post COVID-19

Dining at the restaurants are reducing and customers are preferring to order more food safely via food delivery apps.

Third-party delivery apps are Killing profits

Third-party aggregator apps like Uber Eats and Grubhub are asking for close to 25% – 30% commission per order. Thereby consume the restaurants’ profit margins

Ordering Food Online is Convenient

The comfort of being able to order food from anywhere and anytime through mobile. The convenience of providing your services to their doorstep. The convenience of enjoying a first-class dining experience from the comfort of their sofa

What Phygital Ordering Software Can Do For You

Web and Mobile Ordering