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Once you register your store. An inivitation will be sent to your registered email id from Razorpay account.

Find the email from Razorpay and open, click on the ‘Create a Password’ link and choose a password.


Once the password is created, access the Razorpay Dashboard and go back to email. Please click on the ‘Activation’ link and you will be redirected to Razorpay Dashboard again where you need to update the required details.



Once clicked on ‘Activation’ and landed on the Razorpay dashboard, start entering the information.

Contact Info:-

– Contact Name

– Contact Number

– Contact Email


Business Overview:-

–     Business Type>Private Limited/Not Registered

–     Business Category>Others

–     Business Model>(Purpose)

–     Billing Label>Business Name

–     Contact Name URL> Contact Name

business overview

Business Details:-

– Business PAN 

– Business Name

– Authorised Signatory PAN>(Same or other)

– PAN Owner’s Name

– Address

– Pin code

– City


Bank Account:-

– Beneficiary Name

– Branch IFSC Code

– Account Number

add payments

Documents Upload:-

– Authorized Signatory’s Address Proof

– Aadhaar Front>(Upload)

– Aadhaar Back(Upload)

– Business Registration Proof>(Upload)

– Company PAN(Upload)

Razorpay dashbaord-Phygital24

Once you have completed the KYC form and uploaded the required document, read through the Terms and Conditions, select the checkbox on the page, if you have read and agree with the terms and conditions, and click Submit.Payments

Once submitted, Razorpay starts the KYC review process. This usually takes 4-5 working days.

Once the review is done, all payments are settled to your Bank account.

Spend “Zero” ,Promote effortlessly

Navigate to store promotions  and Click on the Share Your Store button and promote your store link on social media, WhatsApp, SMS, and so on.

know more on how to get more ordersClick here

To create offers individually, click on Offers on the bottom menu and then click on Create a new offer campaign button 

create offers

You’ll see the below screen where you have to choose from two options according to the type of offer you want to create

General Offer

If you want to offer a discount on a specific product, run an offer to buy M to get N free products or provide incentives on a certain invoice amount then choose the General Offer option.

Fill in the required details like the name of the offer, start date, end date, and so on. Then click the Create button

Then follow the onscreen instructions and fill in the required details to create the offer.


Flat Discount On Invoice

If you want to offer a fixed percentage of discount on the total order value then choose the Flat Discount On Invoice option.

new offer campaign

Fill in the required details like the name of the offer, start date, end date, and so on.


Once done, click on the Create button

To add products individually, click on Products on the bottom menu and then click on Request A New Product button

For adding products in Bulk, click here

Phygital24-add product

Then click on the ‘+’ Icon in the bottom right corner

You’ll see the below screen where you have to add information about the product, price, photos, and so on.

Once done, click on the Submit button and the product will be added to your store once it is approved by our moderators.